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Red Hot Metal Mini Duckbill Shears


In stock


Mini Duck Bill Shear MDB – Cutting Edge Products by Red Hot Metal Inc.

7.75″ Overall Length

Jeff Lindsay attended his first Degenerate Flame Off in 2014. Flameworkers saw the standard Duckbill and loved it—but they work smaller and needed a smaller version. That same year, Jeff introduced this shear to his line—the Cutting Edge Duckbill Mini, a “mini” version of our best-selling trim shear, the Duckbill.

Like its bigger brother, the smaller Duckbill Mini is configured to cut thick or thin, and its round nose eliminates snagging on the opposite side of the cut. The ingenious curve of the blade keeps the cutting edge constant and the action consistent. The Duckbill Mini Shear doesn’t close all the way, so the blade stays in the cut. And flameworkers love it!

Jeff Lindsay crafts his precision tools to exacting standards using the highest quality metals. His pipes are crafted from 316 Stainless Steel and aircraft quality Chrome-moly 4130 with 309 Stainless Steel heads. His shears are crafted from hardened D2 rust and wear resistant steel. All blades are cut using CNC water jet technology and then mill beveled, tempered and finished with a doubled bevel at the cutting edge. All this results in a superb edge that stays sharp.