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Vin Pin 4″


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The “Vin Pin” line of implosion tools come in various sizes and shapes. This line of tools can aid you in the creative process by allowing you to quickly and effortlessly create your own patterns with removable pins to make your job easier.

The base is a holder to keep everything securely together so it doesn’t fall apart as you work with it. The top is fine grain graphite drilled for the pins and a nice slip fit to the base. Pins are solid brass pins that are held in the Vin Pin.
To change designs, simply unscrew the base hold down screw. Invert the tool and allow the top to separate from the base. Remove as many pins as you want to alter the design and reassemble.

Before use, please clean all graphite tools by gently washing them with mild soap and an SOS or Brillo pad to remove any graphite dust that may be left behind from the manufacturing process. Allow to dry completely before use.