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Marver – The Crowley


In stock


Graphite torch top marver by Griffin and designed by Debbie Crowley. Designed for the Carlisle Mini CC, Wildcat, and Hellcat torches.

Developed with the help of glass artist and instructor Debbie Crowley, this torch mounted marver is the most innovative of its kind ever created. Using a threaded connection point, the marver is securely attached to the burner, alleviating any issues of movement of the work surface during use. The graphite pad itself is a premium quality EDM grade of graphite and is a full 4 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches deep by 1/2 inch thick. The pad is held in place on a stainless steel cradle with two spring clips. The spring clips have a strong grip to hold the graphite in place without movement during use, yet are flexible enough to allow for easy change out of the pad or even allowing the pad to be flipped over for dual service life. The best feature of all is the separate articulation ball joint. This allows the pad to be angled and moved to almost any position regardless of how the head is angled. With this revolutionary feature, you can have a level marver pad and an angled torch head or vice versa or anywhere in between.