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Leviathan GlassWorks Swedish Oval Block, 14 cm


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Leviathan GlassWorks Better Block 14 cm Swedish Oval

These blocks are designed on a CAD system for full control of shape and form, then cut on a CNC machine that is accurate to 1 thousandth of an inch. The flat back allows you to further shape your glass, and bigger blocks will sit flat on your marver or table.

Better Blocks are crafted out of Madrona. Madrona is a very hard and dense wood that burns long and hot, surpassing even oak in this regard. Madrona has a bad reputation for splitting when it dries out, and we do still want you to keep in water in the bucket. However, through a proprietary process our wood is stabilized and will not crack. This process also makes the wood consistent in hardness, where other block makers use sapwood and heartwood in the same block, which leads to inconsistent burning.