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K-888 Blue Aventurine


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K-888 Blue Aventurine (Goldfluss Blau)

Aventurine is not available in bar.

WHEN ORDERING CHUNK: You will receive chunk approximate to the weight requested. Actual weights will range, and pricing will be adjusted accordingly when the order is processed. You will receive as close to requested weight as possible.

Kugler-Colors® are available in a variety of transparent and opaque colors, reducing colors, enamel colors and lead-free options. More than 170 different colors are available, including some based on recipes kept strictly secret and passed on for generations.

Kugler-Colors® are compatible with virtually all types of 96 COE batch and cullet used in the US and abroad today. Please note that COE is not necessarily a representation of compatibility. Kugler-Colors® and Hot Glass Color are not responsible for breakage due to compatibility issues. You should test all colors with your batch if you are uncertain of compatibility.

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Glass Type

K-888 Chunk, K-888 Coarse, K-888 Powder, K-888 Frit 0, K-888 Frit 1, K-888 Frit 2, K-888 Frit 3, K-888 Frit 4, K-888 Frit 5