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Bead Release – Regular 4oz.


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FosterFire Bead Release is made in 3 formulas:
Regular was designed for use with soft glass. It is the most economical choice and can work with any glass. It is recommended by the manufacturer of curved mandrels and for extra long beads.

Heavy Duty was designed for boro, sculptural and hollows. If you like a more rugged bead release that stands up to more tugging then this is the one I recommend. This one is most often preferred by boro users.

Smooth & Tuff uses a different manufacturing method and was created for use with brass presses. I use this one all the time for anything and everything, but it takes longer to manufacture and so the cost is higher.

For ALL formulas:
Please mix or shake well before each use. Consistency should be like tomato sauce from a can. If it ever looks rough, patchy or forms a ridge when dipping then add water and mix well.