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Red Hot Metal Davide Salvadore Special Jacks


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Davide Salvadore Jack – Cutting Edge Products by Red Hot Metal Inc.

9.5″ Blade Length x 1.5″ Handle Width x 18.25″ Overall Length

A glass blower himself, Jeff thrives on learning from other glass artists. So when he attended one of Davide Salvadore’s glass cane workshops, the two naturally shared a little tool time. Davide had a pair of worn out jacks of which he was particularly fond. Small-of-handle, they had blades with insanely clever grooves that retained wax and reduced chillin’-a unique design in Jeff’s experience. Incentivized by Davide’s need, and his own insatiable desire to try new things, Jeff and Davide conspired to recreate these beauties. Yes, they cost a pretty penny. That’s because the side grooves are so hard to make just right. We think their superior function more than justifies the extra coin.

Jeff Lindsay chose to make our jack handles from cold-formed spring steel, and that’s a good thing. Cold forming gives the handles just the right memory and a little spring in their step. Because high-grade spring steel is prone to rust, we treat our jacks with a special inhibitor that darkens them. Hence our jacks are black.

For the blades Jeff chose another type of high quality spring steel with excellent wear properties. The blade does not wear out! These blades have an oval profile and taper to a slight point. Best of all, they’re extremely smooth, so they slide easily across the glass without scratching. It’s definitely the jack for your trade!