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Meta-Terrania – Molten Aura Labs


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Meta-Terrania – Molten Aura Labs – COE 33 – Rod

Pricing is per pound.

Meta-Terrania is a transparent turquoise colored glass. We added some haziness to enhance its briny, sea water quality. Thicker areas tend to exhibit this hazy quality more. Careful flame striking can bring out more of the haziness and make the color appear more blue. This glass currently has a high COE and is best used in small sections, accents, pendants, etc.

Notes on use: Anneal at 1085°F for at least 1 hour for small parts. Double this for thick and/or hollow forms with interior components. Use a polariscope to make sure all stress is relieved before moving on to next steps/assembly.

This color doesn’t like too much oxygen. You may get a “scuzz” showing up with a flame that is too aggressive. It can be minimized and usually avoided by a more reducing flame and/or by burning off the layer of “haze” that develops. This is similar to an amber/purple color in that the metals giving the glass it’s color are precipitating to the surface when the glass reaches a certain working temperature. We don’t recommend encasing Meta. If you do, make sure it is a very thin layer of clear.