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Canned Heat Hot Pot


Available on backorder

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Canned Heat Hot Pot
Furnace, Glory Hole, and Pipe Warmer in one

The Hot Pot is so many things. Paired with the Hot Box 110V oven, you can go anywhere with this plug-in and blow glass. The 40lbs crucible is the perfect size for a day of blowing. If you need more you can take a 1 hour lunch break and fill it back up. Plug-and-play system, complete with blower and the same 12” opening and set of doors as the 12” brick hole. 24”-deep inside allows for large work. 1 set of barn doors at 7” gives you the option of one or two door convenience.

Lightweight castable inside, backed with fiber frax, it heats up to blowing temp in an hour and a half. Easy to change the invested crucible with removable module for 40lb crucible. Adjustable pipe warmer with 2 levels for pipes and rods. Large wheels make it easy to move. Very easy to light. This will last as long as you can.

Drop shipped direct from Canned Heat. Allow 5-8 weeks. Shipping cost applied in cart is an estimate. Will be adjusted to actual cost once shipment is calculated. Hot Pot will ship with free 55lb box of Kugler Clear COE96 cullet.

Additional information and specifications, here.