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Hot Glass Color
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Plastic Clip-On Flip-Up
Price: $29.95

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Detailed Description

Philips Clip-On Eye Protection for Glass Artists
Lightweight, plastic clip-on flip up spectacles are excellent for filtering UV and IR rays. They will fit almost any frame style.

Lens Type Information:
Light Green Shade 2: Light green glass with excellent UV and IR protection. Ideal for furnace work.
Green ACE IR 3.0: The Green ACE blocks infrared (IR), UV, and sodium flare. Shade 3.0 is used for smaller torchwork with borosilicate glass such as marbles or pendants, as well as clear glass.
Green ACE IR 5.0: The Green ACE block IR, UV, and sodium flare. Shade 5.0 is used by people doing larger borosilicate torchwork such as large vessels, colored borosilicate, and torchwork with thick rods.