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Graphite Ring Mold - 2"- 2.5"
Price: $38.00

Detailed Description

2-1/2" Dia. to 3" Marble Finishing Ring Mold by Weaver Industries

The 'Ring Mold' has been used for centuries to make marbles and paperweights. This classic tool has been updated with the use of graphite for the ring. This lightweight tool makes it easy to produce a round marble or paperweight. Suitable for both lampworkers and furnace workers.

Unlike the standard spherical marble mold, one that is capable of only producing one size marble, these ring molds can be used to produce a marble (or paperweight) withing a range of sizes.

- It should cover from 2-1/2" - 3" Dia. All surfaces are machined on this part.
- The graphite is a dense fine grain material 3-1/4 Inch Diameter x 3/4" thick with a 2-1/2" hole through and a tapered ID fanning out to 3" Dia.
- The handle is a simple wooden design approximately 12" long secured to the hose clamp adaptor.